Windows 10 Security

Addressing today’s threats requires a new approach, one that engineers the attack vectors out of the platform itself and quickly detects and responds to the ones that remain.

Windows 10 Security with Spusht

Windows Defender Antivirus

An enterprise-grade antivirus solution, uses the cloud, vast optics, machine learning and behavior analysis to rapidly respond to emerging threats.

Microsoft Edge

Attacking devices through the browser is a top technique for attackers. Microsoft Edge has been designed specifically to systemically disrupt phishing, malware, and hacking attacks.

Device Guard

Application Control is your best defense in a world where there are more than 300,000 new malware samples each day. Block all unwanted apps with Device Guard.

Microsoft SmartScreen

  • Phishing and malware filtering technology for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 in Windows 10.
  • Provides protection from drive-by attacks.
  • Cloud service is continuously updated, nothing for you to deploy.

Exchange Online Advanced Threat Protection

  • Cloud-based email filtering service helps protect against unknown malware and viruses.
  • URL trace technology examines potentially harmful links.